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We are really passionate about ice cream...

We take great pride in producing a true Namibian "from cow to cone" product:

The organic milk, yoghurt and cream from our own cows form the base of our ice creams and frozen yoghurts, to which we add fruits, spices, chocolate and a big portion of creativity.

All our ice creams, frozen yoghurts and sorbets are handmade from scratch and churned in small bathes, using only natural and -wherever possible- organic ingredients.

No artificial flavouring, colouring, stabilizers or preservatives are used in our products.
And -by the way- all our ice creams and frozen yoghurts, except those ones containing crumbles, cake or biscuits, are also gluten- and egg-fee.

... and we love putting a smile on your face when you eat it!



made with only two ingredients


Our yoghurt and kefir is made from only two ingredients: Milk and cultures.

The full-cream, organic milk from our own cows is slowly heated and pasteurized directly after milking.
We then add specially selected pro-biotic cultures to it and put it at a warm place to rest. Within the next 6-12 hours, the cultures turn the lactose in the milk into lactic acid and through this, the milk becomes -depending on the cultures used- either yoghurt or kefir.

As the finished yoghurt and kefir is not heated anymore, the cultures inside stay active and alive and are therefore really good for you!

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